Save Money With a Radar Detector

Never Pay for Another Speeding Ticket

If you're tired of spending money on tickets because you got pulled over for speeding, La Jolla Audio can install a radar detector to help you avoid that ticket.

Call or visit our showroom today to learn more about radar detectors and receive an estimate on your professional radar detector installation.

Choose From the Most Popular Radar Detector Brands

Your radar detector options are limitless when you choose La Jolla Audio. We carry a variety of high-quality radar detector brands for all budgets.
  • Stinger VIP
  • Escort Passport
  • Beltronics
  • Blinder Laser
  • K40
What's the point of driving a high-end vehicle if you can't drive fast? A quality radar detector will help prevent you from getting speeding tickets and save you money.

Call us today to schedule your radar detector installation by the highly experienced installers at La Jolla Audio.
Radar detector
Radar detector
You are sure to find a variety of products in our comfortable and welcoming showroom.

Visit: 5161 Santa Fe Street, Suite B

"I had problems with a custom installation that was done by another shop. My good friend told me about La Jolla Audio and the incredible job they do, and he was right! These guys really know what they are doing. They were able to diagnose my system, discover the issues, and came up with a solution that totally fixed the problem. They even had one of their employees take me to lunch while I waited for them to finish. I will use La Jolla Audio for all of my future car audio and radar installations."

 - Chris M.

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